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No that's not really me in that picture above BUT when I practise yoga it is easy to imagine myself in a place like this, and the same can happen for anyone with regular practice. Yoga is a sanctuary where possibilities open up and we can visit many places, real or imagined, deep within or by external visualization.

Although from the first time I practised yoga I felt good, it took a little while until the changes I was making within felt deep and sustained. Now I can rely on the lessons I learn in class throughout my life, and this is the greatest benefit of yoga practice. The practice can be transferred into every day living, as can the benefits.

Chi Energy Yoga has evolved over 20 years from my early studies as a Shiatsu Therapist, into Ki Yoga, and then as I practised and studied further to incorporate other methods and styles. I take different aspects of my experience and apply them in individual classes to suit those attending. I have worked with many differing groups, including older people, persons with disabilities and vision challenges and those recovering from injury and operations.

I also offer classes specifically for those experiencing hormonal imbalance, infertility, during pregnancy and for mothers with young babies.

This is the Chinese character for chi (qi) - the energy

which flows throughout our bodies determining

our level of health, according to Chinese Medicine

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*TPPS Tacking Point Public School

*CCMA Centre for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 42 Kennedy Drive PMQ

*Yoga Shala Gordon St PMQ

*FUN Yoga 21 Redbank Rd, Wauchope (school terms only)

*Byabarra Hall 1078 Comboyne Rd Byabarra

**Everyday Yoga is a new class using simple basic yogic techniques

Classes have limited numbers as per COVID-19 guidelines. Bookings required.


What participants say about Chi Energy Yoga

"Thank you Sarah for making us healthy, happy humans.."
"Your passion for your work & commitment to supporting people's well being is admirable"
"You have always been highly professional & consistently present..."
"Thank you - I thought that yoga would be really difficult but that wasn't - and my back feels so much better now"

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