Chinese Medicine

Chi Energy Yoga is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This ancient way of understanding the body and mind relates to the flow of energy or Chi throughout lines or meridians. Each line of energy governs an organ and has other relationships throughout the body and mind. All practitioners and bodyworkers of Chinese Medicine access these same lines of energy when treating pain, illness and dis-ease.

In addition, the energy all around us changes constantly, and particularly with the seasons. We feel different and crave different things during different seasons. Chi Energy Yoga classes change throughout the year to address our changing energies and emotions, helping us to feel more in sync with what is going on around us. This gives us a grounded and connected sense of ourselves within our surroundings. It also contributes to our general health - for example as the cooler weather comes along we can do yoga that helps strengthen our immune system to ward off those autumn/winter colds and flu.

Working with the body's chi also contributes to a calmer mind and reduces stress. Both our body and mind can learn ways to be less reactive to the disturbing or disruptive things that may come along in our lives. In the yoga class we find ways to help the mind settle, and for our whole being to be more centred. Regular practice also creates greater awareness, so that we notice what is going on for us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We can then respond and do what is best for ourselves at any given time.

Centre for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CCMA)

On Wednesday evening (6.15pm) Chi Energy Yoga runs a class specifically addressing hormonal imbalances for women, and supporting fertility. We can use the theory of TCM to work in areas of the body and mind which will enhance fertility and balance hormones. This is a therapeutic class aimed at providing optimal conditions for conception. It is also a useful class for anyone experiencing difficult menstrual cycles, PMT and other conditions influenced by hormonal changes. There is an emphasis on the reproductive areas of the body, creating blood and energy flow in the hips, groin and lower back and of course the organs within. Benefits experienced include more regular cycles, less hormonal pain and increase in positivity and acceptance around hormonal difficulties and delayed conception.

Qualified and experienced practitioners at the Centre for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture offer assistance with conception, throughout pregnancy and birth, with nutrition and with yoga/relaxation.