Class Options

Everyday Yoga

This is a new simple class employing basic yogic techniques to create relaxation, inner strength and greater flexibility. It is particularly suitable for those of us who would like to work more slowly and take our own time to explore physical yoga and calmer breathing methods. You will leave the class feeling straighter, stronger and more relaxed.

Do you need to work on a specific issue in your body or in your life? Yoga is a way to practice working through many issues be they physical, mental or emotional. Many people choose to have a private class catering to their own special requirements, and these can be held in your own home or at my workplace. This is an option also often chosen by couples wanting to participate in an activity together while contributing to their physical and relationship health.

Private Group Classes

Do you have a group of friends, work colleagues or family who would like to attend a yoga class together? Chi Energy Yoga can provide any of these options at a venue of your choosing, or at my workplace. Setting up your own group means that you can choose a time that suits you for your class and it's a great way to socialise or bond with others you feel comfortable with.

Staff Development

A fantastic way to create good working relationships between staff is to offer yoga and/or relaxation during a staff development day. This is also possible before, during or after the workday. Staff leave the session feeling centred, calmer and clearer about ways in which they can make their work life (and their workplace) better.

Well Being Workshops

At the Centre for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, we offer workshops on Women's Health, Hormonal Balancing, Labor Preparation and other related topics. We also conduct monthly Tea and Meditation/Relaxation Sessions on the first Sunday of each month.

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